Real estate in Pierīga – not only an apartment, but also improved land.

The advantage of Pierīga villages when buying an apartment in a new project is both a new residential area and a large, improved territory. A combination of nature and infrastructure.

In Līčukrasti, the entire territory is rich in amenities, sports and play elements. The most appropriate and suitable location is chosen for each element. Such a solution – by not creating one large area of concentrated activities and playground – reduces the possible level of daily noise and allows you to choose a place of relaxation or activities that suits your interests and the mood of the day. The principle used will result in natural integration in the environment and use of the elements of environmental design-play-activities. It encourages fantasy and a creative approach to everyday life. The layout of the territory leaves free space for creative activities.

There are several multifunctional areas in the territory where it is possible to organize larger joint events.

The perfect lawn in the central square (560 m2) offers a wide range of options for its use. For example, you can play football or badminton or some other ball game. In case of celebrations or special evenings, spectators can sit on blankets or chairs they have brought with them and listen to poetry readings, watch fashion shows, small theatre performances, enjoy concerts, etc. (maximum capacity ~ 140 people).

Saulgrieži Island (450 m2) with a canopy is perfect for a bonfire, summer and winter solstice, Easter and larger family celebrations or morning gymnastics group activities (tai chi, wushu, yoga, etc.) (optimal capacity ~ 50-60 people).

The edge of the pond and the pond (3,250 m2) can be used for walks, standup paddleboarding, pebble throwing competitions, radio-controlled boat races or simply fishing.

The wooden terrace of Līči bazaar (163 m2) and the adjacent hard surface area (464 m2) can be used as an outdoor terrace for a cafe, an outdoor coworking space-cafe, as well as a market place.

There are three walking trails in the area:

– The Long Walking Trail (670 m) with stairs – around the pond. The trail goes past the exercising equipment and the streetball court, the weight machines, over the suspension bridge, through Saulgrieži Island and swings, up the stairs and along the border to the Forest Berry Garden with snails, balance elements, past the picnic area with swing chairs, through the pergola with climbing plants to the central area. Suitable for different ages, but with small obstacles – a steep slope, stairs, a suspension bridge, gravel and a trail in lawn that is not fully suitable for people with reduced mobility (can be used with special equipment or an assistant).

– Pond-Edge Walking Trail (275 m) – perfect for a morning run with obstacles, slow walks, Nordic walking and sitting on the dock or pebble-throwing training.

–The Central Circle (230 m) is a hard-surface path wide enough for two cyclists to pass each other comfortably. The surface of the path is suitable for roller skating and cycling lessons, DIP-DAP runbikes and for creating excellent works of chalk art. Until they have learned the traffic rules, children may use public paths only under parental supervision, as part of the route includes common pedestrian paths, driveways and goes past the parking lots.


It is planned to use several types of light fixtures to illuminate the territory, which would ensure rational lighting of the territory, while at the same time trying to reduce the sense of urban sterility of functional lighting.

Licukrasti Teritorijas Planojums 1
Līčukrasti territory plan

You can see the territory plan of the residences Līčukrasti here:



Choose your interior finish of the apartment until Valentine’s Day!

For interior finish of the residences Līčukrasti, we offer to choose from two types of finish:

  1. Coast of Peace – characterized by a combination of cool grey, Scandinavian and light tones, which fits perfectly the modern interior. This collection is designed for people who like to enjoy peace and quiet at home; it helps to relax from everyday noises and a busy day at work.
  2. Pine Dunes – a great opportunity to liven up the colours in your daily life. A dynamic, but at the same time relaxing and light collection. Thanks to the dynamic colour combination, this range of tones will never get boring and dull.

If you don’t like any of the offered collections, until Valentine’s Day, 14.02.2021, reserve an apartment and choose your own colour collection. This is the advantage of the new project – to create your residence according to your wishes and ideas while it is still under construction.

Come and live in the Residences Līčukrasti and let’s create them together! Real estate in Pierīga is more and more in demand and becomes more popular among people and allows you to enjoy the advantages that the hustle and bustle of the city can’t give you.

Special offers for apartment buyers from DECCO centrs

If you buy an apartment in a new project, buyers have to think not only about the purchase of the apartment, but also about the interior decorations – furniture. Līčukrasti together with DECCO centrs have created a special offer!  Every buyer of the Residences Līčukrasti will receive a DECCO CENTRS discount card for the purchase of furniture and interior items! Come and choose your apartment and furnish it with high-quality and beautiful furniture at reasonable prices.

Decco Centrs

We have started the 1st stage of construction of the new project

A new, modern village is being built in Pierīga. In the first construction stage, 24 apartments will be built in the new project.

The building will have 24 apartments with an area ranging from 44.6 m2 to 162.5 m2. Number of rooms – from 1-room apartments to 4-room apartments. Each apartment has a terrace or balcony. The building has two staircases. In one staircase, there are only 3 apartments on each floor – it will be the best choice for people who want a more private environment. The second staircase – with an elevator – has 5 apartments per floor. In this staircase, the elevator will take you from the basement parking garage to the floor you need. Two apartments will have their own green area with a fenced rest area.

A 45 sq. m. large lobby will be created on the first floor where you can conveniently meet neighbours, couriers and other people.

Spacious basement with storage rooms, carparking spaces, bicycle stands, utility rooms and common rooms are being created (according to the wishes of the residents, the rooms can be turned into a gym, yoga room or a room for table tennis). Each apartment will be given a storage room as a gift where you will be able to store the necessary things so that they do not have to be kept on the balcony or terrace. Each area has its own type of use: the balcony is intended for enjoying life, but the storage room is for storing your belongings. A total of 33 underground carparking places will be created, 2 of which will be suitable for drivers with reduced mobility.

The apartments are sold with full interior finish. We plan to complete the construction in the summer of 2021, commissioning – in the autumn of 2021. We have already started selling apartments.

Pierīga and its newly built villages are a great place to be close to Riga and at the same time enjoy all the benefits of nature, fresh air, outdoor sports activities. The villages in Pierīga are one of the most promising places to live in the near future, as they will be able to provide for and connect life and work from home, slowing down the pace of life and giving the opportunity to do more without leaving home.

What to do to buy an apartment in the residences Līčukrasti?

You have to choose an apartment you like, sign the reservation agreement, make the first deposit. We will conclude an apartment purchase agreement after the building is put into operation. If you plan to receive financing in a bank to pay the full purchase price, our cooperation partners will help you arrange it.

Choose the apartment plan here:

Interview with Harijs Čīka for the magazine Kvadrātmetrs

Romāns Golubevs

Everything new!

In Stopiņi Parish, development of a low-rise residential quarter Līčukrasti has started in just a five-minute drive from the Riga border. It is a quarter where a lot of attention will be paid to people, the environment, the level of comfort and improvement. In an interview with m2 magazine and the portal, the person behind the idea and the owner of the new residential concept Harijs Čīka says that in the next five to seven years he will create a unique living environment in Līčukrasti.

I work in the real estate industry and at the same time I have proven myself in other areas of business abroad, Harijs Čīka introduces himself. I first tried working in the real estate industry in 2005 when I was engaged in construction of private houses in the vicinity of Riga. I believe that everyone in this life should try to think not only about making money, but also about leaving something important behind. Based on this philosophical thought, I did not even use a template for my first projects, I looked more broadly without taking into account what was generally accepted. I have never followed the established rules, I tried to create a high-quality result, paying attention to both architecture and functional solutions of real estate. I build what others and I myself liked. It is gratifying to see that even after fifteen years, many of my buildings have not fallen out of fashion and lost attractiveness.

For most of the time after 2010, I have been doing business outside Latvia. This work enriched my experience and knowledge, allowed me to move to a new level. When abroad, I was often involved in charismatic real estate projects, from which I always took some valuable conclusions. It so happened that three years ago I came to a conclusion: my heart wanted to be useful again in my native Latvia, of which I have always been and will remain a patriot. I wanted to invest the money I earned abroad in Latvia in areas where I have professional knowledge: real estate and construction. I started researching and analysing offers in the local market. I remember at that time I did not like that some developers working in Latvia forced a new standard project format on their clients, literally copying them. All you have to do is put on a plate with a serial number.

During my research, I noticed a bank’s portfolio offer for the sale of a plot of land in Līči, Stopiņi Parish: 2.8 hectares, with unfinished buildings and a part of a large flowing pond. I went there and realized: this is a natural place in Pierīga where I can give life to an unorthodox project. I bought that plot of land at auction. It was 2018… Since then, for more than two years now, a team of professionals familiar to me and I have been developing the concept of Līčukrasti, keeping the existing landscape in mind. It has taken a long time to prepare the technical documentation of the project; I hope the project will stand out in the Latvian real estate market. Especially considering that it is not intended for a narrow circle of buyers of elite housing, but for the foundation of any country – its middle class, which is worthy of a higher standard of housing.

First of all, Gatis Didrihsons. He is one of the most sought-after, leading Latvian architects, also the chairman of the National Council of Architecture. I have known him for a long time. He usually doesn’t work with projects that are below business class. However, I managed to excite him with my idea and instil confidence in him about the prospect of the project in a high-quality place to live not in the expensive centres of Riga or Jūrmala, but in a democratic, natural and geographically advantageous location near the capital. It was Gatis Didrihsons who gave Līčukrasti its modern and environmentally friendly architecture.

Another important partner of Līčukrasti is the company LABIE KOKI projekti, which is managed by Edgars Neilands. The company employs some of the best landscape designers in our country; they not only develop greening projects but also implement them in a professional manner. The company LABIE KOKI projekti prepared a thorough and gradually implementable plan to preserve and improve the natural landscape and environment of Līčukrasti.

What will the Līčukrasti project look like in real life?

Līčukrasti – a modern, developed quarter, which, as I said, is 2.8 hectares large. It is a quarter of low-rise buildings: buildings have no more than three floors. The central part of the quarter is closed and intended for cars, and there is space here reserved for residents to buy. Six stages of project development are planned, within the framework of which we will build both modern residential buildings and commercial area. We plan to create 100 new housing units after the completion of the project – classic-style apartments and row house sections.

We trust the Latvian market, we trust the segment we are focusing on, so this autumn we are starting the first stage: we will complete the construction of the apartment building. It will have two staircases and 24 apartments. The plans are carefully considered and rational. Their author is Gatis Didrihsons; he is able to meet and satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers. The most attractive offer is an apartment of 38.6 square meters (living room and one bedroom) and a terrace of 6 square meters. The apartment costs 82,724 euros. The first stage will be mainly apartments with one or two bedrooms. All of them have a balcony or a terrace. The best option for a buyer who needs space is a first floor apartment with three bedrooms and the total area of 106.6 square meters. The gem of the apartment is a personal plot of land with a terrace and a well-groomed lawn with the area of 56.4 square meters enclosed by a “green fence”. Leave the apartment and enjoy life in your own private house!

All apartments will be completely finished.

The “firstborn” of Līčukrasti will be completely ready in the spring of 2021. Simultaneously with its construction, the first stage of the improvement works of the adjacent territory will be carried out. It is planned to create an ornamental pine garden above the underground parking garage and storage rooms. There will be wild berry bushes next to it. We will set up walking trails, a children’s playground and place sun loungers…

Are the plans for the next stages already known?

The second stage will begin in 2021 when we will start the construction of a three-storey building with 40 apartments.

The third stage is the construction of the commercial area, possibly a kindergarten, co-working space, and a cafe.

The fourth stage – a building with 12–18 apartments.

After that, eight sections of row houses will be built.

The final stage – another building, possibly a health centre. We plan that the entire project implementation period will be five to seven years.

The object of pride – improvement of the territory. According to the concept, after the completion of these works, Līčukrasti will be a popular place for living, recreational activities and walks (this project was developed by the company LABIE KOKI projekti). We create housing in natural environment. We have more than 2,000 ha of forest next to us; in our territory, we will plant 120 (!) new ornamental and exotic trees and other different greenery in the area of 1,260 square meters. The lawn area will exceed 15,000 square meters. We will create a large canopy, which our residents will be able to use for holding personal celebrations. We will build 2,548 square meters of paths, and we will place 19 benches for rest along them. We will set up three picnic areas. We plan to build a twenty-two meter long bridge that will connect the opposite shores of the pond and will form a connection of the circle of paths. We will place several berths in the water body, which can be used by both swimmers and fishers. A variety of amusements and swings will offer fun for children, while lovers of recreational activities will have street workout equipment and a basketball court.

And all these benefits will be freely available to the residents and guests of our quarter. To ensure peace and security, the complex territory is fenced and equipped with an access control system. The access of cars to Līčukrasti will be controlled by automatic gates.

I will also mention another important fact: there is a public transport stop right next to the quarter we are building. With the development of the quarter, there will be a bus, which will take children to school.

To conclude the introduction to the project Līčukrasti, I will add: “When I first started talking with banks about  co-financing the project and lending to buyers, many thought that this is too ambitious. They told me to make it simpler and do it in a different way.” But I was relentless: Everything must be modern and unique! This has become our motto. And I can keep the vision of my project alive – a kind of “mountain of glass”. To convince that Latvians not only want, but can also afford to live in better quality conditions than what is currently offered in the economy class of the new housing segment.