Real estate in Pierīga – not only an apartment, but also improved land.

The advantage of Pierīga villages when buying an apartment in a new project is both a new residential area and a large, improved territory. A combination of nature and infrastructure.

In Līčukrasti, the entire territory is rich in amenities, sports and play elements. The most appropriate and suitable location is chosen for each element. Such a solution – by not creating one large area of concentrated activities and playground – reduces the possible level of daily noise and allows you to choose a place of relaxation or activities that suits your interests and the mood of the day. The principle used will result in natural integration in the environment and use of the elements of environmental design-play-activities. It encourages fantasy and a creative approach to everyday life. The layout of the territory leaves free space for creative activities.

There are several multifunctional areas in the territory where it is possible to organize larger joint events.

The perfect lawn in the central square (560 m2) offers a wide range of options for its use. For example, you can play football or badminton or some other ball game. In case of celebrations or special evenings, spectators can sit on blankets or chairs they have brought with them and listen to poetry readings, watch fashion shows, small theatre performances, enjoy concerts, etc. (maximum capacity ~ 140 people).

Saulgrieži Island (450 m2) with a canopy is perfect for a bonfire, summer and winter solstice, Easter and larger family celebrations or morning gymnastics group activities (tai chi, wushu, yoga, etc.) (optimal capacity ~ 50-60 people).

The edge of the pond and the pond (3,250 m2) can be used for walks, standup paddleboarding, pebble throwing competitions, radio-controlled boat races or simply fishing.

The wooden terrace of Līči bazaar (163 m2) and the adjacent hard surface area (464 m2) can be used as an outdoor terrace for a cafe, an outdoor coworking space-cafe, as well as a market place.

There are three walking trails in the area:

– The Long Walking Trail (670 m) with stairs – around the pond. The trail goes past the exercising equipment and the streetball court, the weight machines, over the suspension bridge, through Saulgrieži Island and swings, up the stairs and along the border to the Forest Berry Garden with snails, balance elements, past the picnic area with swing chairs, through the pergola with climbing plants to the central area. Suitable for different ages, but with small obstacles – a steep slope, stairs, a suspension bridge, gravel and a trail in lawn that is not fully suitable for people with reduced mobility (can be used with special equipment or an assistant).

– Pond-Edge Walking Trail (275 m) – perfect for a morning run with obstacles, slow walks, Nordic walking and sitting on the dock or pebble-throwing training.

–The Central Circle (230 m) is a hard-surface path wide enough for two cyclists to pass each other comfortably. The surface of the path is suitable for roller skating and cycling lessons, DIP-DAP runbikes and for creating excellent works of chalk art. Until they have learned the traffic rules, children may use public paths only under parental supervision, as part of the route includes common pedestrian paths, driveways and goes past the parking lots.


It is planned to use several types of light fixtures to illuminate the territory, which would ensure rational lighting of the territory, while at the same time trying to reduce the sense of urban sterility of functional lighting.

Licukrasti Teritorijas Planojums 1
Līčukrasti territory plan

You can see the territory plan of the residences Līčukrasti here: